60 is the new 50

Helping Woman In Their Prime, Improve Their Health, Control Their Weight, and Feel Comfortable in Their Own Skin, Through Sound Primary Food Choices. We Also Help Place Them on a Path of Sound Financial Footing, Through doTERRA Essential Oils.

A Trusted Life Coach and Essential Oils Provider

When it comes to realizing your potential and reaching your goals, turning to Idris Rasheed is the right choice. For more than 30 years, we have been helping married couples and single women ages 50 and above by providing beneficial services and products.

Live the life you are meant to live, free of health concerns, money concerns, and one of complete happiness and peace of mind.

Why Get a Coach

An Intuitive life  Coach will help you create a plan for your life. He will inspire you to decide what you want to accomplish, and he will work with you to assist you in doing those things you set as a priority. 

The word coach originated in Hungary, a small village there named Kocs that made four wheel carriages used to transport the upper class. 

From its original concept the word conveyed the idea of being transported from one location to another. Today, a coach is someone who helps a person or a team go from where they are to where he sees them being. 

Mission Statement

Helping women in their prime, improve their Health, Control their weight, and feel comfortable in their own skin, through Sound Primary food choices. We also help place them on sound financial footing through doTERRA oils. 

Reach yout full potential

Reach Your Full Potential

There will be moments where you would feel frustrated with your progress in life. Aligning your personal and professional goals will help you identify and focus on what you want to accomplish. We will work together with you to create a customized coaching plan that will guide you in determining your objectives and learning how to achieve them. Get started on understanding how to unleash your true potential by scheduling an appointment today.

Almost all mature women your age are settling down preparing for their retirement years, but not you. You are different from the others. You have not accepted the idea this is all the contribution you can make in life.

Working a job for 30 plus years and raising a family is not your idea of a life well lived. Instead of talking about what you have accomplished, you are planning for your next project, or projects and once these are complete you are going to start working on that list of things you plan to be doing for the next 30 years. Why shouldn’t you be planning that far out? Your likelihood of living and enjoying life during that time period is great, so make those plan, tell your story, write your book, start your business and become a real inspiration to the world. Become the first to accomplish your goals at your age, I am pulling for you.