About Us

Idris is a Certified Intuitive Life Coach and Essential oil Consultant.  Through his six months of private coaching, he will make you aware of the ways your primary food choices are affecting your health and assist you in altering those choices so they better support you in achieving your health goals. 

He will then discuss your secondary food choices and explain how you might benefit more by making better secondary food choices. 

Idris was recently faced with a major health crisis. As a major part of his treatment he was given a six month dose of estrogen which cause him to have Hot flashes and he gained about twenty extra pounds. He is acutely aware of many of the challenges women face that affect their health and well being. He is committed to helping relieve as many of them as I can. 

To really enjoy life you need; Good Health, Good Friends and a source of material abundance. Idris has the compassion, the experience and the motivation to help you in all of these areas of your life.

It requires a dedicated team to achieve our grand vision of bringing our experiences and our products to the world. Idris and Joyce, who are both over 70, are committed to exerting their full efforts in helping you accomplish your goals at this crucial stage of your life.